Saturday, July 3, 2010

What is Flaterring?

Walking around the malls in the urban zone, it's pretty hard to miss this towering lady w/ those legs that turns heads and makes both genders salivate. Another lethal weapon of hers are her arm candies.. the "it" countless purses that's in every girl's wish list. Decked up in designer labels, the Malls have become her runway. Hard to believe the 28 year old is a full time mother and vice president of her family's advertising agency. Yes you heard that right, she is a all together now.. let us all scream UNFAIR! Part-time modeling has been keeping her busy these days, she is the new "legs" of a local shoe company, so when I found out about this, I told her, Woman, it's about time to make some use of those assets!
There are so many stylish ladies out there but not all are worthy for a write up. Style comes with Class that equals to "Fabulousity" and this best dercribes Kat. Her style is effortlessly chic! Its always fun looking at someone w/ ensembles so relaxed, fresh and easy, after all we Filipino's are known for that. She likes the vibes of Victoria Beckham and Nicky Hilton which is a collaboration of high fashion and street style. Her all time Fave designer is no other than the director of Hermes... Sir Jean Paul Gaultier. A quick tour in her closet, you will see shorts, shorts, and more shorts, boyfriend jackets, white tee's, maxi dresses, rompers and jumpsuits.
As for the accessory department, your eyes will certainly pop in those darling and elegant Chanel Jewelries and Purses, also present are Louis Vuitton iconic bags, Balenciaga, Goyard, Prada, Hermes belts, and designer shoes that's sinful to look at.
A look at her belongings will instantly give you the impression "Diva"
NOT! let me tell you that the girl has no "yayabelles" manang's or ate's around her, she generally does everything on her own. I call her a "domestic godess" Kat says, I can clean for days! but cooking will never be my forte! According her friends who calls her "Generall" she's hyper, silly her company will keep you warm and secured. Kat has managed to juggle motherhood and her career of choice, a Fashion junkie by heart, her style makes classic statements that's catching much attention her league.

Monday, February 1, 2010

M.I.A(missing in Armani) hahaha!

Okaaaaaay, So it has been months since I posted in my own blog, talk about ditching your own blog huh? Anyhooooo, So what am I up to lately? well still the usual shits but Im really trying to get hooked on new things that will "re-direct" me towards my spending problems haha! last Dec was "damage month". When I saw the F-ing Credit card bills.. I almost passed out, I mean you'd die of shock when you see it ladies, but oh well! that's life, I told my sister that if the CC company hunts me down she can just tell them I'm stuck in Siberia or something hah! kidding! So the big question now... how do I really cut down from spending?........ DIVINE INTERVENTION? PRAY OVERS?
RETREATS? REHABS?..ummmmm none of the above sorry!
if you want something done you gotta do it yourself. So I simply walk away, cold turkey style all the way. So now Im on the process of cutting down and "prioritizing" what I will need on the future.
Good investments I mean, I think Im done w/ Chanels...(oh help me dear God), so w/ LV, Balenciaga and the rest....(FK did I just say that???) YES! Im ready to Hit the H-ighway! the orange side hahah!!
W/ Chanel's price increase I mean bullshit.. konti na lang Kelly bag na hahah! I mean I have nothing about the brand but its mainly for the style and not really the quality you are paying for.
I always tell my friends who asks for bag advice to always go w/ the one that suits your lifestyle.
So I will let the pictures tell the story of what I have been doing over the past months when I was MIA heheh!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blair then Serena, then blair. then Serena.......

Good day!!! finally found time to update my crap... I mean blog hahahah!
today Im down w/ flu and throat infection so Im here in the good old tempur bed getting some supposedly "shut eye" but hey a blogger gotta do her Homeworks right?
The previous week was non stop, I must get this and that, because I need to week. Hah! my excuses are friggin adorable I know. Gossip girl overload was my drama! I so so adore Blair and so I wanted to be Blair! I got jeniffer bher headbands, ferragamo, and red coats ofcourse! and then suddenly I felt so Serena when I got all colors of Maxi dresses and nude booties hahaha! Im bored I know! So pls let me share the following items that made me feel so Blair and Serena, now all I need is Nate!!!
XOXO- you know you love me!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gift Boot

Hi! just wanted to share hubby's gift, well actually he knew I have been wanting a pair of tall,black,classic-riding boots, since my hermes kelly riding boots is no where to be found at the moment. Well I actually need a low maintenance non-baby-ing, price friendly boots, so thanks to the boot's god above they sent me one thru Franco Sarto.. amen. Well the brand I mentioned is an Italian brand, they have it In Zappos and here in Manila as well, and oh boy they are comfy just like chloe and ferragamo. Again, screw the warm weather here in Manila, my boots rock!!! thanks hun!

Booty Call

Ever wondered why wearing boots in Manila is just so awkward? Well, for one the weather says no, no, no, too warm, and second we Filipinos really find it weird.
But not for me hahahah! finding the right pair and outfit makes wearing boots acceptable.
Like a simple loose white top w/leggings or skinny jeans can give you that casual stylish chic look, matched w/ either a brown or black flat boots. Screw the weather I'm feelin the booty call hahah! as long as you are not over dressed while wearing a nice pair of boots it will look stylish no matter what.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Modelling pictures of my most used/abused darling LV's

So these are the mod pics of my darlings, they have served their purpose perfectly just when I needed them! dressed up, or w/my usual soccer mommy ensembles they truly stand out. I love them w/ all my heart! I have a few more Lv's but I do not get to use them that often since, the mommy in me would always scream for a kiddo proof purse!

First LVOE and my workhorse/mommy-to go bags!

So As promised I will reveal my all time favorite Louis Vuitton Bags, ofcourse LV is my first love so I guess this brand is the root of my spending problem, that enabled me to become the purse addict that I am now( blame it on the brand yeah right!) anyhooo, yes, yes, you can never have enough Louis Vuittons right? classic or trendy pieces they are the ultimate eye candy to every purse lovers, and can I just mention that LV has remained the one and only bag retailer that has never gone on SALE! yup! you heard that right. Hermes recently went on a private sale at Paris, it was a private sale that not much knew about... sorry ladies no birkins and kelly's went on sale but point is Hermes still went on sale. So fess up gals here ya go.. first up is a group picture of my most abused LV bags.. yes they are classic pieces every mommy should own. Let me start w/ my personalized speedy 30 up front I ordered it early this year.. since the local store knew how impatient I am and being a good, loyal client my SA managed to have this done in 6 weeks time! being the iconic and essential bag of LV yes for me it is a requirement to have one speedy either the classic one or the personalized version.
Next up is the Suhali Lockit pm this darling was a mothers day gift from daddy. She turned one early this year. According to one of my SA's suhali was created to match up the birkin! yes they are rival bags of the birkins, so if you cannot afford a birkin yet, better get a suhali hehehe!
Another favorite darling of mine is the Ruby red Alma! again a gift from daddy last father's day, an Alma is such a classic feminine iconic bag as well again it is a musthave! I have used this baby to spice up any boring outfit. Works every time!!!
Oh and talk about the ultimate mommy all weather bag.. The trevi pm! this baby is my all time favorite Damier bag from LV. So chic and elegant!
and Lastly MY HOLY GRAIL- THE MAHINA L in noir.. oh this baby has come a long way, the ultimate jet setting purse among my darlings. Up to date she still looks DIVINE and Brand new!
another gift from Daddy, he... I mean we, bought it for php 144,000 and now w/ the recent price increase its php 155,000 already.. imagine that.